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My name is Judith Kayadoe and I am 29 years old. I am a fulltime artist and love to make art together with Jesus. I have a very close relationship with God and I draw and paint to give Him the honour and praise He deserves.  I have been involved with art since childhood. Lots of times you could find me drawing things and this was also a way for me to escape into my own nice and safe little world. I didn't have an easy childhood. I have been trapped in satanism from a very young age. Fortunately, Jesus saved me from this in the time I went to college. He used someone I got to know from a student association and we are still together as a married couple. The time when I broke out of satanism and the years after that, was a very very hard time. Together with my husband I went through some extremely difficult and bizarre years of deliverance and healing. In that time my husband taught me lots of things about Jesus and I started to have a very close relationship with Him. Jesus helped me with every step of the way on my healing journey and healed me bit by bit. I’m still in that process but I already can say that I am a completely different person! So many parts of me have come to life and found healing. This whole situation of breaking out of satanism also caused me to be forced to stop my studies. I came to a point where I completely collapsed, you can compare it to something like a burn out times ten. 



After a while when I was doing a little better physically, God told me and my husband to invest in the talent He had given me, making art. So we bought some good quality art supplies and I started drawing again as far as I was able to. In that time I also started with oil paints. I enjoyed it very much and the desire to become an artist since I was a little child started to come back. After some time went by Jesus taught me how to create prophetic art together with Him and creating art was also a new way for me to communicate with Jesus on a deep level. And after some more time went by I started taking commissions where I created personal prophetic art for people as well as commissions to make portraits of humans and animals.


My first book!

During this healing journey I am in, I had (and still have) a lot of encounters with Jesus and I felt like I had to capture one of them in the form of a drawing. So I did and God started speaking to me, saying that I needed to share it on social media. I was scared to do this but I obeyed. I created more and more of these drawings and shared them on social media as well. And then God started challenging me to write the story that goes with every drawing I made of the encounters with Jesus. I thought this was even scarier but I did … I thought I was the last person who could write something and I could not put my feelings, thought and emotions into words at all, but Jesus told me that He would help me. So I continued doing this and kept sharing it on social media. I got messages from people all over the world asking for prints and cards and telling me that God used my art and story to bring them healing, encouragement and hope. When I had a whole series of drawings and stories God told me to make a book out of it in dutch and in english so I did. It's called, Evidence of Hope; A Personal Healing Journey Captured with Art. The english version is ready and available. The dutch version will be ready in a while.    




I could never have imagined in the past that my life would be like it is now ... It is still not always easy. I regularly go through very difficult periods. Yet I am happier now than I have ever been. A life with God is awesome and I hope to reflect in my art that God is always very close to you and wants to be there the same for you as He was and is for me.


In everything I have been through I have clearly seen that God exists, lives and has all power in heaven and on earth. I have experienced that God wants to be very close to me in difficult times and that He wants to show Himself to me and you. In my paintings and drawings I captured what I have seen, experienced and learned from God. In this way I want to show that God is able to make something good and beautiful out of everything. Also in your life.


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Evidence of  Hope

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